Strategic Planning

The most successful plans are the ones that can take the 50,000ft big picture and distill it down to the pieces that make the 5ft get-it-done level effective and efficient. Whether it be a simple project or a multi-year, multi-agency comprehensive campaign, Spireworks will help you get the most out of it. When you want to look at community planning, our partners over at Teska can help make an even bigger impact.

Teska Associates, Inc., is a 44 year-old community planning and engagement firm. They take a creative approach to planning and community engagement. They primarily work on community master plans and revitalization/development plans. They are great at connecting with, and involving various city and regional stakeholders – key to understanding your community and your brand.

Our relationship with Teska began during the Imagine Dubuque visioning process. Teska led the comprehensive effort, and one of the Spireworks’ team members was involved in the initial discovery. We shared our common professional interests and were invited to sit in on many other facets of the community engagement activities. This is what partnership looks like with Spireworks. We use a small core staff. Our flexible model keeps overhead low so you’re only paying for value-added deliverables. Then, we bring other experts on the journey only when they can exponentially enhance our value.

We understand that you may have objectives that go beyond an improved visual identity. Maybe it’s enticing new business. Maybe it’s discovering tourism opportunities. Or, maybe it’s taking the first step to revitalizing the community around you. By collaborating with you through discovery, design, and deployment, we can help you arrive at your desired destination.

Clientele that use Spireworks for Strategic Planning