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What others say about us

Our most recent project with Spireworks resulted in a request from local employers to assist their efforts in attracting people to Orange City. They asked that the City & Development Corporation “tell the story” of Orange City and show why this is a special place to live. With one percent unemployment, it is a challenge to get enough people to fill all the open positions in our community.
Spireworks worked with a group of community and industry leaders to come up with a new marketing campaign to attract people to our community and to tell our story. That resulted in the “Vibrant Life Campaign”. The Vibrant Life Campaign has different platforms to tell our story to people of all demographics and backgrounds in places where they seek their information. It consists of a website, social media campaign, You Tube video testimonials and a print piece that employers can use to drive potential employees to the other platforms. Spireworks did an outstanding job of listening to our needs, proposing a marketing campaign that fulfills those needs and are doing an outstanding job of executing the campaign. They measure results and continually communicate recommendations to keep the campaign fresh.

Orange City, Iowa

The City of Rock Rapids contracted with Spireworks for marketing and website development. We had been slowly evolving our website, as new programs were available, but never had our own proprietary site. That being said, we also had never gone through a branding process. We had both Michael and Jason on site to assist with the branding process in conjunction with a community wide visioning process, they made the whole process easy, yet very effective. The process brought forth our new brand, “Life, Balanced,” and we couldn’t be happier with the process. We are now in the final stages of finishing up our new website and things are really starting to click. Partnering with Spireworks for your organization is a solid investment in your future.

Rock Rapids, Iowa

A key aspect of our decision to choose Spireworks was their desire to partner on the process. We wanted a site that was reflective of Ida Grove and who we are as a community; we wanted our story and it to be reflected within our branding. Early in 2016, Spireworks surveyed our community members on their impressions of Ida Grove. Through that survey experience, Spireworks developed multiple distinct branding images and narratives. Involving community members in final choice-making, we ended up with a brand that our entire community had the opportunity to buy in to and one that is a true reflection of who we are.
When we chose Spireworks, we not only got a website – we got the tools to be marketing driven. Our community has seen major changes in the past few years: new infrastructure, downtown revitalization, a theatre renovation, and the purchase of an industrial development site. It’s now time to market our reinvented self. Previously, we were singularly known as the ‘Castle Town’; we continue to embrace this notion and – thanks to Spireworks– have accurately depicted our town’s mantra Living Forward. Giving Back for residents and prospective residents alike.
Our marketing image, branding initiative, and website would not have come to fruition as quickly as it did without Spireworks’ action-oriented approach. Michael worked with several contacts here, and encouraged our participation because he knew how much this project meant to us. Michael’s demeanor is in part what attracted us to Spireworks, and this easily approachable asset made it so the project moved forward.

The City of Alton has partnered with Spireworks to rebrand the City and to build Alton’s website. Our marketing image, branding initiative, and website, were completed due to Michael’s action-oriented demeanor. He worked well with staff and was and continues to be very timely in his response.
A key reason we chose Spireworks was Michael’s desire to partner on the process of creating a website and branding that is reflective of Alton and who we are as a community. Michael surveyed our community on its major impressions of Alton. Through that survey experience, Spireworks offered several different branding images and narratives. The City Council and staff were involved in the final decision. We ended up with a brand that was representative of our community.
When we chose Spireworks, we not only got a website, but we were able to market our community based on the present and moving ahead. Our previous logo and branding were based on our community being a railroad town and gateway to the region for immigrants. “A Town on the Right Track” no longer described our bedroom community. Thanks to Spireworks and Michael Kelly, we more accurately depict our town’s mantra “Love where you Live.”