We Are Vibrant.
This is Our Orange City.

Orange City is more than a town. It is a state of mind; a way of life. Orange City is proud of its heritage, and the community drives for excellence in all its pursuits. A healthy balance of work, family and faith bring fulfillment and progress. The community’s employers recognize the community’s successes. This creates a bond, which makes for one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire country.

Within the community, citizens know and look out for each other, creating camaraderie and providing a layer of security and peace of mind. Adults watch and support children in a variety of activities, and there are plenty of amenities for older generations as well. This all results in a feeling that Orange City offers more than just a place to live. In the community, people come together to provide a fulfilling quality of life.

“We are Orange City. We are Vibrant.”

Vibrant Orange City

A Vibrant Ad Campaign. Radiant Results.

With the goal of attracting younger generations to live in Orange City, Spireworks was mindful to create ways of communicating that are different and dynamic. One of the aspects younger audiences crave is authenticity, which is very visible in the Orange City Vibrant initiative. The younger audience craves the ability to share and take an active part in what they believe in. When they find something near and dear to them, they latch on to the message and make it their own. This is an area where Orange City shines through the fog of cities competing for attention.

One of the ways we help attract the younger audience is to make sure the Orange City story is heard in places where these young people frequent. Our creative content and messaging is dynamic and purposeful in its approach. While social media is seen as the most popular outlet choice, young people actually consume a variety of media. They use many outlets and have a better grasp of using multiple platforms compared to older generations. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and modern bidirectional websites each have a use. Our aim is to serve content in the right time and the right place, so this younger audience can do what they do best—consume information efficiently and then move on with their daily endeavors.

Campaign Elements


Each community is unique and Spireworks will act as your team to make the most of all of your advertising needs. Orange City utilizes our abilities in community branding and identity management, photography and videography, website design and development, print, collateral and economic marketing development on an ongoing basis.

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